Proceed with caution.

Let me have this pain, it’s okay.

I need to know this ache, I’m okay.

Sympathy is for a faltering mind, look away. I need to encounter my fate.

Resignation is not an option. Unstoppable endurance is the key.

Facing off with my demons, let me be. This walk is only meant for me.

Took back what once belonged to me, not even the Devil himself is able to keep me from my peace.

Now watch me make an exit & don’t F@%# with me.


I Bare Myself to Him

I’ve stood naked with clear intention. I’ve sent my message through feathers and wings.

I’ve projected my voice aloud made sure the lightning caught it and prayed the thunder delivered it.

I’ve sealed it with tear drops and blew it away with kisses. My hearts crest on the gossamer threads.

I’ve seen falling stars. Messages returned unopened. Treads untethered

No reply

Hear me. I cry.

I bare myself to him but I still feel so cold all over.


I will play.

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

I accept the challenge, no backing away now.

How can I deny myself the pleasure of such a worthy chase.

To be the best devouring the best is the only necessary goal.

This Wonderland of a playground only opens up for a fearless beast.

Show no mercy or pity on this tamer of Lion Hearts. It’s the only way into a champions gate.

Fortitude because we play to win.

Game on.

Rise and Fall 🌞🌚

I rise with the sun in time to capture the moon one last time before its descend and day breaks.

Invigorating and mesmerizing the peace nature brings.

The beginning to a new end.

I fall for the moon every night, it’s weight strong and heavy.

I rise with the sun everyday. It’s light touching down ever so warmly, energizing.

The rise and fall of each day is the power that makes and breaks this body.

So I learn to bend gracefully and rise strong.

Fly away Butterflies 🦋🦋🦋

I was so close.

I’d convinced myself. I stepped back. Stood my ground and still came up short.

Don’t talk me out of my mind next time, please.

Curiosity is such a trouble maker. Forcing ever so gently that one nudge. Provoking thoughts. Gradually grabbing the imagination, turning it on.

Dangerous to be sucked into the depth of feelings.

I fell, awakening an aching pulse.

Fly away butterflies. Take your tickles and butterflies kisses and fly away.

This Chick

Hot Chick.

Make you go crazy because she’s so sexy chick.

Feisty chick. Always wants to fight about everything. Playing games, trying to tease you with her sultry lips.

She’ll make you escape your daily routine, make your head spin.

You’ll forget everything. Except her and her naughty tricks.

Your mama won’t like this racy chic but you won’t be able to resist. So don’t resist, enjoy the bliss.