Dear Heart ♥️

Tell me how you work because I do not understand you.

I try and follow you but I often get lost.

What you want we can not have.

How do you work? I beg you tell me. You never turn off, it drives me crazy.

I feel the accelerated pace of your anger rising hot against my face, when I go against you. The pain unbearable.

You chock me up. Tightening every vain that runs inside me. Holding me back, it’s so depressing. It makes me anxious when you pond against my chest. A voiceless message I do not always get.

So I repeat you want things we can not have, stop trying to paralyze me. Let us pace ourselves so that I may breathe easy.

Dear Heart do not forget. I’m just outside, with all these feelings you give me.

Your truly, I am.


Painfully Beautiful

Unable to surrender over any control.

Waiting for happiness, she doesn’t know how to submit to love.

It is painfully beautiful to hold so much passion. Willingly trusting to hand it over. Subsiding without yielding in trust.

Freeing her mind, she looks eye to eye deep into his world. She can see it’s okay to be free of her ache. Imperfect as she may be he patiently achieves her trust. Making her feel beautiful.

He gently holds her. Showing her how peaceful it is to let someone help ease all of her pain.

A Restless Mind

Standing over her shadow she dances in the moonlight.

Conversing with Angels and singing for the dead.

Wishing on every star and praying for happiness.

Looking for peace, while playing with fire.

Running under a sun shower, searching for the end of the rainbow.

Chasing dragonflies but afraid of the sting from a wasp.

She stops. Breathless but still able to breath it all in. Deep down into her gut. Intoxicatingly euphoric. She hugs herself.

She exhales all her worries, giving the wind permission to simply take them all away. Lifting a curl around her lips.

Savoring a peaceful liberated mind.

A Heart ♥️ of Thorns

A Heart Scorned, cut deep like a knife it slowly drips scarlet.

It has grown thorns.

It has turned cold, refusing any warmth. Struggling to beat to a lovely slow song.

Take your time with this broken heart for it only knows sad songs. Hesitant to embrace a faint touch.

It’s been so long since anyone softened its beats, soothing its rhythm.

Wholeheartedly holding it gently, whispering simple truths.

Cupping the crimson drip.

Gently plucking away slowly at every thorn.

Regulating warmth.

Drawing a pure smile on a sad face.

No more silent tears. No more Heart of Thorns. It now beats to a love song.

A Beautiful Mind

I want to know what you know. I will listen quietly. Eyes focused, never limiting my attention.

Ready to fill blank pages in my head enthusiastically.

What a Beautiful Mind. It grabs hold of mine in a crazy dance. Tell me more.

I want to feel what you say scripted all over your body. Look up into your eyes and take it away, make it mine. Make you forget for a few moments that time exists. Suspended intricately in each other’s fantasy.

Such a Beautiful Mind filled with passion expressed with each breath.

I’ll keep every word you gave me. Hold it dearly, imprinted in my heart a walking treasure of feeling.

You ask why?

It’s simple.

You touched my heart when you voiced your Beautiful Mind.

Ghost Writer

I fell in love with words never uttered only seen.

I feel in love with words never whispered only touched.

I fell for a faceless Writer.

I caress each word that sways across the pages.

He writes me words I want to hear. I believe every word, reread every sentence. I let myself indulge in a forbidden fantasy. Even though I know I shouldn’t believe any of it.

A Ghost Writer, I’ve embraced a faceless cunning soul.

He haunts my sleepless nights and walks into my daydreams unannounced.

He started writing me letters but I’ll tell you how the story ends. He’ll keep stroking his pen. The end.