Dear Heart ♥️

Tell me how you work because I do not understand you.

I try and follow you but I often get lost.

What you want we can not have.

How do you work? I beg you tell me. You never turn off, it drives me crazy.

I feel the accelerated pace of your anger rising hot against my face, when I go against you. The pain unbearable.

You choke me up. Tightening every vein that runs inside me. Holding me back, it’s so depressing. It makes me anxious when you pound against my chest. A voiceless message I do not always get.

So I repeat you want things we can not have, stop trying to paralyze me. Let us pace ourselves so that I may breathe easy.

Dear Heart do not forget. I’m just outside, with all these feelings you give me.

Your truly, I am.


26 thoughts on “Dear Heart ♥️

  1. Even though her mind maybe brittle, her heart is still fierce and a fierce heart is a magnet for miracles that breaks down chains wandering around the mad world looking for love and freedom. “When we know how to read our own hearts, we acquire wisdom of the the hearts of others” 🙂 … a message to every heart, reading the post is even soothing. Beautiful choice of words as always 🙂⭐️

    and a small correction in the sentence … “Let us pace ourself so that I may breath easy.” … it should be “ourselves” instead of ourself and “breathe” instead of breath 😋

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  2. What was the elevation of my heart,
    except that it rode on the wings of your words.
    And yet there was no “good” in goodbye that we said good night
    when all I ever needed to hear you say was–
    “I love you.”

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  3. I was never good with longer poems, like you. I just always kind of spit them out like that, but your poem made me think of that one. The heart wants what the heart wants, right? Your poetry often reminds me of my own. Bittersweet. But bittersweet is good, and every poem should be written like a love poem. I used to tell myself “it isn’t any good unless it makes me cry,” because if it causes me tears, then I know it’s right, because it’s from the heart. Like my Dogwood poem. Nearly made me sick to write that, but it was what I was feeling at that moment, and it left everyone speechless. I rarely write more than 10 lines. It just comes out of me like that. But I can never look at them again, because it hurts too much.

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  4. Ha! Found three!: “You chock (should be choke) me up. Tightening every vain (should be vein) that runs inside me. Holding me back, it’s so depressing. It makes me anxious when you pond (pound) against my chest.” Lovely poem. Thanks.

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