Painfully Beautiful

Unable to surrender over any control.

Waiting for happiness, she doesn’t know how to submit to love.

It is painfully beautiful to hold so much passion. Willingly trusting to hand it over. Subsiding without yielding in trust.

Freeing her mind, she looks eye to eye deep into his world. She can see it’s okay to be free of her ache. Imperfect as she may be he patiently achieves her trust. Making her feel beautiful.

He gently holds her. Showing her how peaceful it is to let someone help ease all of her pain.


16 thoughts on “Painfully Beautiful

  1. Being in a cage,
    Her heart aches like a sage,
    And her mind burning with rage,
    To let her love uncage,
    For the all the love he has for her to disengage.

    … 😂haha, just what popped up in my mind … and Well thought as well as elegantly written as always 👌🏻🙂

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  2. I’ve come to know of a woman, that upon heartbreak, she will face her own truth, throw away the mask that was her cosmetic to make her attractive, and look at the mirror in plainness.

    I’ve known from women that they will become constricted, collapse into themselves, upon that heartbreak. Although, as much as she had trusted in love upon a time before, she will once again, know the sting of it.

    I adore how you’ve shown this in this piece. 🙂

    I will always love how a woman provides love to this daunting world. She allows a man to fall to his knees when he devotes himself to her, and provides the ring to her finger. One day, I will do this, and I will do it gladly. 🙂

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