A Restless Mind

Standing over her shadow she dances in the moonlight.

Conversing with Angels and singing for the dead.

Wishing on every star and praying for happiness.

Looking for peace, while playing with fire.

Running under a sun shower, searching for the end of the rainbow.

Chasing dragonflies but afraid of the sting from a wasp.

She stops. Breathless but still able to breath it all in. Deep down into her gut. Intoxicatingly euphoric. She hugs herself.

She exhales all her worries, giving the wind permission to simply take them all away. Lifting a curl around her lips.

Savoring a peaceful liberated mind.


36 thoughts on “A Restless Mind

  1. She stumbles on obstacles, but she is a bird who flies with independent will far from the ground breaking all cages around her. Her mind holds the key to her freedom and her heart holds the key to her expression, haha 🙂 … every word written is beautiful as always with the meaning delivered perfectly, definitely this one also goes into one of my favourite posts from yours ⭐️👌🏻

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  2. Its all she needed, PEACE. Courage to face the faces that are hidden in the dark, worries of the invisible mind. Let the breeze open the consciousness of reality. Its all Peace at the end. I feel you. Love it

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