A Heart ♥️ of Thorns

A Heart Scorned, cut deep like a knife it slowly drips scarlet.

It has grown thorns.

It has turned cold, refusing any warmth. Struggling to beat to a lovely slow song.

Take your time with this broken heart for it only knows sad songs. Hesitant to embrace a faint touch.

It’s been so long since anyone softened its beats, soothing its rhythm.

Wholeheartedly holding it gently, whispering simple truths.

Cupping the crimson drip.

Gently plucking away slowly at every thorn.

Regulating warmth.

Drawing a pure smile on a sad face.

No more silent tears. No more Heart of Thorns. It now beats to a love song.


31 thoughts on “A Heart ♥️ of Thorns

  1. The heart is a crimson ablaze,
    Filled with a maze,
    Looking for warmth through its eyes of gaze,
    And yet tears are ways,
    For the heart to love again and be amazed.

    … There is life after every love and there is love after ever life 🙂… lovely choice of words and beautifully written as always 🙂⭐️👍🏻

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  2. I also live with a stony heart, no sun bright enough to shine my dark moments, sounds like end to me until a respond came to my song.
    Over and over it was played, it forced the stone to crack and I met you….
    What is true is awakening, I am glad it beats again,
    Feel the love…… You are loved.
    Elegant piece.

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