A Beautiful Mind

I want to know what you know. I will listen quietly. Eyes focused, never limiting my attention.

Ready to fill blank pages in my head enthusiastically.

What a Beautiful Mind. It grabs hold of mine in a crazy dance. Tell me more.

I want to feel what you say scripted all over your body. Look up into your eyes and take it away, make it mine. Make you forget for a few moments that time exists. Suspended intricately in each other’s fantasy.

Such a Beautiful Mind filled with passion expressed with each breath.

I’ll keep every word you gave me. Hold it dearly, imprinted in my heart a walking treasure of feeling.

You ask why?

It’s simple.

You touched my heart when you voiced your Beautiful Mind.


25 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mind

  1. Aww. If you haven’t already, I hope you find your soul mate. Someone who will treat you like a beautiful princess. You have captured such lovely emotions in this piece. Good job! 😊

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  2. What is beautiful is you, your mind accompany’s the journey. Does your feet hurts, cos I can feel you running through my mind , a large wall paper of you to keep me awake, mind’s alike, that’s beauty from within, open to love.

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