Human Legacy

We have a responsibility to ourself. Living out our highest level of passion. Mastering the power that motivates us down to the bone. Extraordinary, I like this word. Extraordinary has no limit, doesn’t make excuses. Extraordinary mingle in the pathway of legendary. Devotion to materializing a Legacy can be legendary.

“To be, or not to be”. That is the question that comes to mind.

Turning Wishes into Goals

Breaking through the untapped potential energy and knowing what the f*ck to do next is an unsolved mystery for me. I hold on to my roots and core value. All I can do is laugh at myself along the way. In between crying, I have to laugh. In between doubting myself, I laugh. In between being afraid, I laugh. In between anger, pain, frustration, I laugh. The laughter builds my wishes turning them into goals. Burning a fire so bright I continue working on myself. I know my truth, I just have to find my purpose.

Train your mind

I’ve lived with a very limited mindset for far to long. I’ve made obstacles for myself.

I’ve talked myself into easy, setting limits before even starting a project. Doing just enough to get by. “Lazy people work twice as hard”, my mother’s words. “The smartest people Master their mind then conquer”. My words.

It’s the hardest lesson I’ve yet to learn.

The Power of Words Spoken

I was once told I was full of useless information. I may as well have been told I was full of sh*t. Words have power. The power of persuasion, pacifying, motivating, inspiring, building someone up or tearing someone down. Consider the source a friend told me.

Words have made my heart skip a beat and produced warms tears that have rolled down both my cheeks. In prayer my very own words bring me solace, peace of mind, joy. My words spoken to myself are the most important words. Speak peace. Speak joy. Speak health. Speak happiness. Speak love. All useful information.

My Scars

I welcome the lessons of each and every one of my scars. Each lesson has helped me grow into the person I am. My skin has grown thinker. My heart has become a bit harder and my mind, the more wiser. Some scars you can see and feel, visibly up for discussion. Some scars lie deep in my soul, put to rest but never buried. Other scars have taken root in my heart making it skip a beat every so often. These are my scars, my lessons learned. I take them with me everywhere I go.