Self Worth

Shot down from up above, flying so high.


Thought I’d never let anyone get to me.

You got to me. Got me all messed up inside. Now I bleed.

Nevertheless I am still not within your reach.

You’ll never catch me.

I know my worth and it is out of your league.

The rise is worth the crawl, just so I may look into your eyes & witness defeat.

I may not always get what I want but I have what I need.

So stand in place and keep watching me.


Make Me Think 💭

Stay awhile. Make me think.

Capture my thoughts, so I may collect memories of us.

Pressed up against my head. Lucid dreams, vivid imagery. Pleasures to my sensible ways, gone wildly foolish.

Forget my heart. You’ve taken my mind. I’ll only let you entertain it for a little while.

Until I get bored and send you back to where you belong.


and here.

don’t forget your heart.

I’ve had it the entire time.

Tell Me A Story

Tell me a story that will capture my soul and reside in my mind.

Play with my thoughts, dance around in my head.

Jumping from scene to scene. Making me want to scream, come back don’t leave. Make this dream a reality.

Tell me a story that will put me under your spell. Once upon a time, fairy tales, I don’t care.

Write me into your fantasy. A happily ever after. A dream come true starring me & you.

Menu of Dreams.

Welcome to Sky Bar.

Look there, a table for you.

Your menu to order a sweet dream come true.

Pray tell your verse so that we may sing it.

The universe is listening.

The world is spinning.

The moon is full.

The stars are watching.

Don’t look so puzzled you’re the piece that has been missing.

Order up, I’ll fine tune it all for the perfect key notes.

Dear Heart ♥️

Tell me how you work because I do not understand you.

I try and follow you but I often get lost.

What you want we can not have.

How do you work? I beg you tell me. You never turn off, it drives me crazy.

I feel the accelerated pace of your anger rising hot against my face, when I go against you. The pain unbearable.

You choke me up. Tightening every vein that runs inside me. Holding me back, it’s so depressing. It makes me anxious when you pound against my chest. A voiceless message I do not always get.

So I repeat you want things we can not have, stop trying to paralyze me. Let us pace ourselves so that I may breathe easy.

Dear Heart do not forget. I’m just outside, with all these feelings you give me.

Your truly, I am.

Painfully Beautiful

Unable to surrender over any control.

Waiting for happiness, she doesn’t know how to submit to love.

It is painfully beautiful to hold so much passion. Willingly trusting to hand it over. Subsiding without yielding in trust.

Freeing her mind, she looks eye to eye deep into his world. She can see it’s okay to be free of her ache. Imperfect as she may be he patiently achieves her trust. Making her feel beautiful.

He gently holds her. Showing her how peaceful it is to let someone help ease all of her pain.